Brewery/Metal Beverage Packaging

J.I. Hass Co., Inc. has worked for over thirty (30) years for the Brewing Industry, and fifteen (15) years for the Metal Beverage Packaging Industry. The company has worked in all areas within a brewery; in brewing, packaging, utilities, and warehouse. J.I. Hass Co., Inc. has not only applied coatings on the structural steel, wall and floor surfaces in the actual buildings, but also has done a substantial amount of work on the equipment. In the Metal Beverage Packaging Industry, in the facility, the company does surface prep, and painting on the floors, walls, doors, ceilings, beams, columns, piping, and mechanical items. Striping on the floors and pipe identification color coating is also done.

J.I. Hass Co., Inc. is experienced with the surface prep methods whether hand tool, needle gun, pressure washing, sand blasting, and the various coatings used in these facilities. The company is also experienced working within an operating facility.

J.I. Hass Co., Inc. track record for performing quality work, safely and efficiently, has allowed the firm to serve these industries on a repeat basis as noted above.

Machine at bottling plant