Electric Utility

J.I. Hass Co., Inc. has performed work for over 50 (50) years for the electric utility industry. Most of this work has been in the Ohio Valley on coal generated power plants. The company has performed coating work on a variety of projects to include Boiler Super Structure, Coal Conveyors, Stacks, Lime Silos, Scrubbers, Piping, Water Tower, Turbine, Turbine Room Floor, as well as other projects.

J.I. Hass Co., Inc. has done both water blasting as well as sandblasting as surface prep work prior to the installation of a variety of industrial coatings. The company is familiar with FGD (Flue Gas Desulfurization) projects, and the installation of chemically resistant coatings in such an environment.

The firm is also aware of the importance of working safely on the project. The company communicates the importance of working safely to its employees, and monitors its operations with this in mind.

J.I. Hass Co., Inc. has a history of repeat service in this industry, and looks to continue this effort.