Oil Refinery/Oil and Gas Distribution

J.I. Hass Co., Inc. has worked for over forty (40) years for the oil refining, and oil and gas distribution industries. For the oil refining industry, the company works on crude oil storage tanks, petrochemical storage tanks, refinery processing equipment, and pipelines. For the oil and gas distribution industry, the company works on river dock facilities, pipelines, storage tanks, and truck loading facilities.

J.I. Hass Company does exterior coating work as well as color coating, stenciling, logos, and on interior tank surfaces the company installs tank linings. The Company knows the importance of quality installation of coatings on these surfaces due to the corrosive nature of petrochemical products, and it believes its experience in this field serve it well. Two other areas the company pays close attention to are safety, and customer scheduling, knowing the importance of working safely in this environment, and completing work to meet client schedules.

J.I. Hass Co., Inc. has been privileged to serve its clients in this industry for over forty (40) years and believes that this longevity is evidence of a successful track record.